Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back at the Helm

It is nice to be back at work after a month leave. What is even better is feeling well enough to be here and to do the job well! I have so much more energy, vim and vigor as they say. The days have been long this week, but I am still trucking along with some added sleep I'm doing well. Hip hip hooray!

The church for the most part seems happy to have me back. I am glad for this for I was wondering there for a while. There has been signifigant rumors and rumbling while I was out. I wasn't sure what would meet me when I returned. Thus far, no one has had anything but positive things to say to me. It is nice. However I have learned just today that the committee assigned to meet with me upon my return is planning to meet with me tomorrow at some point. I have heard nothing about any such meeting. Luckily a member of the committee's spouse mentioned the meeting to me. I suppose I would have been caught out of the office - or worse, caught in the office and off guard. At least I can be mentally and emotionally prepared for a meeting. At this point I am not so anxious, but we'll see what tomorrow brings. I am more curious as to what they are planning to address than anything. I have a hunch about 3 things on their minds, but the other 2 I'll have to wait and see. The gossip I've heard is that there are 5 things they want to talk to me about. I guess I can rest pretty well assurred that termination is not the topic given that I've been back almost a full week and absolutely nothing has been said!

Oh well, it will all be revealed in God's time. I am really OK with whatever comes my way as long as things are fair in their presentation. I keep thinking 1) I do not want to be emotional with the committee and 2) I do not want to sink to being defensive. I want to accept their advice, criticism, and whatever else they speak to me with or about in a postive manner. God help me!