Monday, November 5, 2007


The fun has begun!
I have a hard time believing it, but I was so excited about this National Novel Writing project that I didn't sleep much the night of Oct. 1st. I kept thinking "tomorrow, I can write." What a geek am I!

It could be, too that my insomnia was in part due to the fact that I purchased a new vehicle that night as well. I have been driving a PT Cruiser for the past 14 months and mostly likeing the adventure. However, only 8 days following my purchase of this bradn-spanking new car I was driving down the interstate when lightening struck my car. I was surprised that that insurance company did not total out the vehicle. They did not. I hve not had any problems from the car pursuant to the lightening strike, however, I wanted to be out of that car prior to the warranty running out. Thus, with only 9k miles remaining in the warranty I was begining to look around.

I found a used Toyota Pruis - my current dream car - and made some inquiries. It hapened to be the last day of the month and the sales people were more than ready to sell a car, particularly a used one. So, the deal went pretty quickly and I found myself driving home in a new car Halloween night - - only hours before the start of NaNoWriMo!!!! I'm sure the two worked together to keep me pumped and awake!!!

Nonetheless, I am writing. I am up to 7966 words and working steadily. I had hoped to write like a crazed person this weekend and push the count up even higher, but I ended up actually having some activities so that plan changed. I'm doing well though and am a bit ahead of the 1667 words a day goal to complete in 30 days.

I just set up my NaNoWriMo site and it is so cool to see my name and my title in print!!! It seems so official or something!

I'm off to work so that I can get home this evening and write, write, write.