Monday, February 18, 2008

Moving forward - more

I found out last week that I am "unofficially" accepted into a Doctorate of Ministry program at my seminary alma mater, McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. I am so excited to be once again intellectually stimulated. I am excited to be returning to McCormick and to Chicago. I am NOT excited about the weather in Chicago. I may well transition from early summer in Arkansas to winter in Chicago in a matter of hours. This part is the downside of the windy city as my academic destination. however, there could be a dry warm spell in the spring in Chicago. Stranger things have happened.

I'm particularly looking forward to having a visit with a friend in Chicago. She was a key player in my time there working on my master's in divinity. She really helped me through some trying times and I will forever be thankful for her presence in my life then and continuing into the now. We keep in touch through email and the like. We are looking forward to an in-person visit. It has been 5 years since I graduated McCormick and packed up for North Carolina never really looking back until now.

Not really looking back now, I'm looking forward to further study and the day I can tack the letters DR in front of my name. I think it will be so cool to be the Reverend Doctor Dari!!!! Give me three years and 'll be there.

I look forward to the study. I lookk forward to the contact with colleagues. I look forward to returning to McCormick a new woman. A woman with confidence and some experience under her belt. I hope to return to McCormick a healthy woman whose health issues do not hinder study this go around. I am woman hear me ROARRRRRRRRRR!

My outlook is positive.
I am feeling good.
I am looking forward to study.
I want to learn more about how to be a pastor.
My hope is to serve this congregation in the manner they deserve while enhancing my own intellect and skill set.

I can't wait to get started 6 weeks from today!

Moving Forward

Since last writing I hve been spending a great deal of time with a certain man. Let's call him Bill for now. he is a very nice man who my secretary set me up with. He used to work with my secretary's husband and they thought he and I would make a good couple. So far so VERY good!

Bill is a nice man. He is a sensitive man. He is a fan of mine which makes everything else secondary! My time is being spent with him, on the phone with him, and thinking of him. My productivity has waned in some ways since having Billin my life. however, he is a great addition. I am having so much fun and I am really enjoying the time we have together.

We live about 2 hours apart as I live in a small town far away from everything. But, when I am in his city which averages a time or two a week, I see him and we at least have a cup of coffee or something. He is great to talk to. We have many of the same interests.

he is vegetarian and I am not. This is our issue at this time. He would love for me to become a vegetarian, but I love meat. Give me a good juicy steak anytime and I'm happy. I agree with B that animals are mistreated and we have no right to kill them for our food, but they taste so good and I really don't have to even think about the whole slaughterhouse aspect of the food chain and humans. Do I? I really like this man, probably more along the lines of loving him, and I want to become a vegetarian because it is so important for him, but it is going to be a proceess of slowly getting meat out of my diet as I've been eating it for 42 years. I can't quit meat clod turkey. I am finding that I have meat and don't even think about it until B asks me what I've eaten in the last little bit. I've got to become more conscious of what I'm eating and make some changes. Not becaue B wants me to,, but because it is important to B and the things that are important to him are important to me.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


National Novel Writing Month came and went and I DID write a novel. I uploaded my something over 50000 words on November 30th only hours after my challenging friend Cherie uploaded hers. I SO wanted to be first; but at least I finished.

Now the task is editing and reworking what is really more of a relaly long first draft than a true novel. It is a great place to start, but far from a publishable book.

Many have asked "now what?" "Where do you send it?" "Who will publish this?"
Now what? I edit. I common saying through the month of November is just keep writing, December is for editing. Well, for me December is for running the church and leading extra services through the season. But, the next step is to begin at the beginining and edit. Then, . . .

Well, I hve no idea how to begin to get something published. This wasn't about getting something published. This exercse was about writing for the sake of writing. I have wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember and now I have. What an accomplishment. Knowing I have done it is great. I don't need ti published in order to feel accomplished or successful.

For now, I am happy to have my "novelist" pin stuck on the fridge and know I have written a novel.

I am ready to move on to other things.
We'll talk more about those in particular coming up soon.

Monday, November 5, 2007


The fun has begun!
I have a hard time believing it, but I was so excited about this National Novel Writing project that I didn't sleep much the night of Oct. 1st. I kept thinking "tomorrow, I can write." What a geek am I!

It could be, too that my insomnia was in part due to the fact that I purchased a new vehicle that night as well. I have been driving a PT Cruiser for the past 14 months and mostly likeing the adventure. However, only 8 days following my purchase of this bradn-spanking new car I was driving down the interstate when lightening struck my car. I was surprised that that insurance company did not total out the vehicle. They did not. I hve not had any problems from the car pursuant to the lightening strike, however, I wanted to be out of that car prior to the warranty running out. Thus, with only 9k miles remaining in the warranty I was begining to look around.

I found a used Toyota Pruis - my current dream car - and made some inquiries. It hapened to be the last day of the month and the sales people were more than ready to sell a car, particularly a used one. So, the deal went pretty quickly and I found myself driving home in a new car Halloween night - - only hours before the start of NaNoWriMo!!!! I'm sure the two worked together to keep me pumped and awake!!!

Nonetheless, I am writing. I am up to 7966 words and working steadily. I had hoped to write like a crazed person this weekend and push the count up even higher, but I ended up actually having some activities so that plan changed. I'm doing well though and am a bit ahead of the 1667 words a day goal to complete in 30 days.

I just set up my NaNoWriMo site and it is so cool to see my name and my title in print!!! It seems so official or something!

I'm off to work so that I can get home this evening and write, write, write.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Breast Cancer Walk

This weekend I participated in the state Race for the Cure sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There were about 45,000 participants. It was so moving to see all the people who were touched by breast cancer in some way. There were thousands of women who have or have had breast cancer. I was there with quite a few from my town. One of the women I roomed with recently was diagnosed with BC. She has completed both cheomo and radiation. She is bald. She whipped off her wig friday night and didn't put it back on until after the race.

It was moving to see all the survivors knowing that soon they may slip from being a survivor to being a statistic. There are so many hurting people in the world. It was very inspiring to see all these women and men who have hope alive in their lives.

I walked with my mother who had breast cancer. I was blessed by sharing this experience with her for the first time. She is coming up on her 6th year anniversary of being cancer free!!! Yipee! I pray she can continue to survive 6 more followed by 6 more and so on . . . .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on Dad -- long overdue

I'm such a bad daughter!
Dad couldn't have had better news.
All the prayers weren't in vain!
We went to the oncologist and the report was that he ONLY had lymphoma in his eyelid.
Strange, but true.
No lymphoma showed up on any of the scans.
Great news!!!
We are relieved and so thankful.
He has to undergo three weeks of daily radiation and scans every 6 months.
That's it though.
Couldn't have been better news.

I was stunned that the prayers were answered.
God certainly heard us and all of you!
It was so hard to believe.
The docs had prepared us that for the lymphoma to be showing up in the eyelid it was already in some other places as the eye isn't a primary manifestation. We were prepared so well, that it took awhile for the good news to sink in.

Thanks be to God!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What have I gotten myself into?

At the challenge of a friend I have signed up for the National Novel in a Month thing. The goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November - 30 days. Eeek!
I hve no idea how I am going to accomplish this fantastic goal, but another friend said today "what have you got to lose?" She's right! So, I'm writing in November.

What am I writing about? Who knows. Some apparently begin on the 1st of November with no plot. That may be me. I haven't gotten my head around the fact that I've signed up as of yet! I want to do this though. I've wanted to write for years and now is as right as any to get serious and start.

Recently, I've begun two books. Still working on them, slowly. I enjoy writing, but I have to carve out time to do it. One of the books I can do a bit at the time, but the other is the story of my childhood and that one takes more of a chunk of time to write. I have to get into the proper mindset and have time to proccess. I find I get into writing after work which usually means I stay up late, sleep too late, am tired and cranky all day. . . it isn't the best routine. So, I'll have to figure something out as far as a workplan. However, not until I finish my novel in November.