Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on Dad -- long overdue

I'm such a bad daughter!
Dad couldn't have had better news.
All the prayers weren't in vain!
We went to the oncologist and the report was that he ONLY had lymphoma in his eyelid.
Strange, but true.
No lymphoma showed up on any of the scans.
Great news!!!
We are relieved and so thankful.
He has to undergo three weeks of daily radiation and scans every 6 months.
That's it though.
Couldn't have been better news.

I was stunned that the prayers were answered.
God certainly heard us and all of you!
It was so hard to believe.
The docs had prepared us that for the lymphoma to be showing up in the eyelid it was already in some other places as the eye isn't a primary manifestation. We were prepared so well, that it took awhile for the good news to sink in.

Thanks be to God!!!

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