Monday, February 18, 2008

Moving forward - more

I found out last week that I am "unofficially" accepted into a Doctorate of Ministry program at my seminary alma mater, McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago. I am so excited to be once again intellectually stimulated. I am excited to be returning to McCormick and to Chicago. I am NOT excited about the weather in Chicago. I may well transition from early summer in Arkansas to winter in Chicago in a matter of hours. This part is the downside of the windy city as my academic destination. however, there could be a dry warm spell in the spring in Chicago. Stranger things have happened.

I'm particularly looking forward to having a visit with a friend in Chicago. She was a key player in my time there working on my master's in divinity. She really helped me through some trying times and I will forever be thankful for her presence in my life then and continuing into the now. We keep in touch through email and the like. We are looking forward to an in-person visit. It has been 5 years since I graduated McCormick and packed up for North Carolina never really looking back until now.

Not really looking back now, I'm looking forward to further study and the day I can tack the letters DR in front of my name. I think it will be so cool to be the Reverend Doctor Dari!!!! Give me three years and 'll be there.

I look forward to the study. I lookk forward to the contact with colleagues. I look forward to returning to McCormick a new woman. A woman with confidence and some experience under her belt. I hope to return to McCormick a healthy woman whose health issues do not hinder study this go around. I am woman hear me ROARRRRRRRRRR!

My outlook is positive.
I am feeling good.
I am looking forward to study.
I want to learn more about how to be a pastor.
My hope is to serve this congregation in the manner they deserve while enhancing my own intellect and skill set.

I can't wait to get started 6 weeks from today!

Moving Forward

Since last writing I hve been spending a great deal of time with a certain man. Let's call him Bill for now. he is a very nice man who my secretary set me up with. He used to work with my secretary's husband and they thought he and I would make a good couple. So far so VERY good!

Bill is a nice man. He is a sensitive man. He is a fan of mine which makes everything else secondary! My time is being spent with him, on the phone with him, and thinking of him. My productivity has waned in some ways since having Billin my life. however, he is a great addition. I am having so much fun and I am really enjoying the time we have together.

We live about 2 hours apart as I live in a small town far away from everything. But, when I am in his city which averages a time or two a week, I see him and we at least have a cup of coffee or something. He is great to talk to. We have many of the same interests.

he is vegetarian and I am not. This is our issue at this time. He would love for me to become a vegetarian, but I love meat. Give me a good juicy steak anytime and I'm happy. I agree with B that animals are mistreated and we have no right to kill them for our food, but they taste so good and I really don't have to even think about the whole slaughterhouse aspect of the food chain and humans. Do I? I really like this man, probably more along the lines of loving him, and I want to become a vegetarian because it is so important for him, but it is going to be a proceess of slowly getting meat out of my diet as I've been eating it for 42 years. I can't quit meat clod turkey. I am finding that I have meat and don't even think about it until B asks me what I've eaten in the last little bit. I've got to become more conscious of what I'm eating and make some changes. Not becaue B wants me to,, but because it is important to B and the things that are important to him are important to me.